For more information regarding Melbourne University Rhee Taekwondo Club please contact us by the following: - Instructor Ying Lim Senior Assistants Neil Davis Simon Cammel Assistants Arthur Lam Charis Lau Olivier Juhel Suzanne Zhou Kevin Chen Committee 2016 - 2017 Instructors
Melbourne University Rhee Taekwondo Club (Rhee MUTKD) C/- Melbourne University Sport Building 103, Tin Alley The University of Melbourne 3010 Please do not mail cash Melbourne University Rhee Taekwondo Club is run by a member elected committee. This committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. Please feel free to contact the committee members with any ideas regarding the direction of the club. The executive committee as at 28 July 2016 currently comprises: President - Ying Lim  Vice President - Colin Tong Treasurer - Arthur Lam Vice Treasurer - Suzanne Zhou Secretary - Kevin Chen  Vice Secretary - Charis Lau    Non executive committee members: Social Coordinators - Phoebe Low Jodenia Chan (to Dec 16) Sherlyn Long (to Dec 16) Contact Details